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High Quality Educational Content

I have years of experience creating high quality educational video. My videos always incorporate the latest and greatest motion graphics and animation techniques for the best possible learning experience.
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Motion Graphics

Stunning Animated Visuals

I specialize in adding animation onto clips
of the human body in motion. My work in this
regard has included dance, martial arts,
the playing of musical instruments and more.
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UX Design

Seamless User Experiences

Creating user experience so seamless user's don't even know it's there. Through extensive research, comprehensive prototyping and in depth user testing I create simple, clean and aesthetic interfaces that your clients will love.
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Data Visuals

Represent the Facts Beautifully

Through my experience working with Emmanuel Colleges Pathways Project I have learned how to represent data acurately, legibly & beautifuly. Read more about my data visualization projects below.
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Web Development

Full Stack Web Development

I am skilled in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Framer WordPress, Elementor and Drupple. My most recent site was a large scale site for Emmanuel College. You can read more about my philosophies on website design below.
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Online Courses

Meaningful Online Learning

I am a veteran of online education. Not only did I do my entire masters from Harvard online but I have created several of my own online courses. One of my classes "The Art of Striking" on Udemy has sold in over twenty countries.
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Bachelors Degree in Martial Arts

I graduated in 2015 from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelors Degree in Independent Study. The study that I chose was martial arts. It was an amazing experience. Let's talk about it more over coffee sometime.

Masters in Digital Media Design

I began studying Digital Media at Harvard in the spring semester of 2020 and finished all of my classes in the fall semester of 2022. It was an incredible experience and it has given me an incredible skill set that I can't wait to share with you! Let's set up an interview and I'll tell you all about it.

Skilled In

Graduate Degrees

Digital Story Telling
(Harvard University)

The digital story telling graduate certificate recognizes the students ability to effectively convey stories and messages through digital mediums. These mediums include video, audio, animation and more. Received for completing the class introduction to media production at Harvard University.

Front End Technologies
(Harvard University)

This certification represents the students ability to effectively use Javascript to create aesthetic and functional front end experiences. Earned by completing the class Programing with Javascript at Harvard University 

Visual Arts
(Harvard University)

The Visual Arts certification represents the students ability to create captivating art via motion graphics with After Effects. Earned by completing the course “Intro to Motion Graphics” at Harvard University.

Web Technologies
(Harvard University)

The Web Technologies represents the students ability to create websites with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Earned by completing “Fundamentals of Web Development”at Harvard Universtity.

Back End Technologies
(Harvard University)

The Back End Technologies certification represents the users ability to use back end data bases such as MySQL and PostgresSQL. Earned through completing the class WordPress for Developers.

Learning Technologies
(Harvard University)

The Learning Technologies Certification represents the students ability to create effective online educational experiences. Earned through completing the class “introduction to creating Educational Media” at Harvard University.

My Set Up

The LF gaming chair, the best chair in the world.

The iHome pro (or whatever you call the bigger one) my favorite speaker ever.

The Razer Viper Ultralight

Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse.

The greatest mouse of all times.

The Alienware 34 Inch Curved

Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor.

I have really grown to love this

thing especially for web dev and

video editing.

The Bose Companion Series III. The best 

desktop speakers for under $100.

A 16 inch Macbook Pro with 64gb of ram

the crown Jewel of my set up. 


The Blue Yeti USB microphone.

 I use this primarily for doing the

voice overs in my marital arts videos.

Fun fact about me is that I use two

mice work when I work. In addition

to my Razer Viper I simultaneously use

Apples Magic Track Pad.

My Key Board of Choice. The 

Apple Magic Keyboard

Novation Launch Key 49 USB Midi Controller.

I especially like this midi controller

because it has the full keyboard as

well as drum pad at the top of the device.

A great controller for any DAWs.

32 inch AOC gaming monitor, one

of the first items added to


I always like to have my iPad Near 

By for taking notes or drawing


AKAI Drum Pad

This thing is great and just

makes the whole process

so easy and simple.

Air Pod Pro Max

Martial Arts & Movement


Step 1 is to recognize a problem. Think of design as "creative problem solving". Well in order to do that we need to do that we need a problem solve! Look around your world today and think what problem could I solve through design?


Step 2 is to establish who it is you are trying to help. These people who you are trying to assist are what's known in the UX world as a "persona". These persona's are absolutely vital to any design endeavor as the provide a kind of grounding to your design work. Always be trying to design what's best for your user!

Tae Kwon Do

Step 3 is to create a user story and a user story. Whenever I sit down to develop a digital product, I like to think of the users entire life leading up to the time when they find our product. In this way I am able to clearly see how the problems I described in the first step are effecting peoples lives.


Step 4 is to create a prototype or what's known in the industry as a "wire-frame". These are usually made using a piece of software like Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD. The goal of the wireframe is to be a low stakes and flexible. This way it can be easily changed depending on the results of your user testing. Think of this as a rough draft and don't worry so much about how it looks just yet. 


In Step 5 we create what are known as wireframes or prototypes. These are low detail low aesthetic blue prints of what the lay out of our app is going to be. The important thing to know about this step is your wireframe is going to be changing a lot based on what happens on step six so don't sweat details or aesthetics at all in this stage. Focus on placement and flow.


Of course! I have over 25 years of experience in the martial arts and I consider it to be my first love. I began with Tae Kwon Do as a young child, then proceeded to move into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Muay Thai, Boxing and then eventually Mixed Martial Arts. My official rankings right now are a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a Green Belt in Judo a varsity letter for wrestling in high school and of course my most unique accomplishment, a bachelors degree in Martial Arts from Umass Amherst. 

It’s true and I’m still the only one, During my time at the University I didn’t want to follow the path of a traditional major so created my own. The University had a program part of the honors college known as Bachelors Degree with Independent Concentration and students who were accepted into this program were given the opportunity to create their own major. After a lot of soul searching and a vigorous application process I was accepted into the program and declared my major to be “Martial Arts”. 

I do! While I have competed in several combat sports the one that I have competed the most in is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I began training in BJJ around 6 or 7 years old and then began competing on a regular basis when I turned 15. My titles include being a two time NAGA Heavy Weight Champion, A Dragons Lair Champion and A “Good Fight Champion”. In addition to the public competition circuit I was also very active in competing in matches between Universities. As the president and coach of the Umass Amherst team I lead my team into battle against, Umass Lowell, Harvard, Brown, Boston University and more. I am proud to say that I went undefeated in the college scene and was the Harvard Invitational heavy weight champion. In addition to competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I have also competed in Judo, Tae Kwon Do and was a varsity wrestler in High School. 

Yes I have a wealth of experience in teaching the martial arts and I would say I am a much better teacher than I was a competitor. During my time at Umass Amherst I was the president and coach of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club. Since I was majoring in martial arts this club was like my laboratory for teaching martial arts. I trained countless people in that club over the 4 years I was there. I kept track of how many students I trained from their first day of class to their first competition. By the end of my time at Umass it had reached well over 100 competitors. I also have extensive training and cornering fighters in Mixed Martial Arts. I even owned a school called “Knights MMA” at one point but decided to shut it down so I could focus on my Digital Media career.  

My time in dance actually began when I created my degree in martial arts at Umass Amherst. In order to be approved as a major by the University I would have to find a faculty sponsor who would over see my degree. What made things difficult was that the sponsor had to be a faculty member at the University so my martial arts teachers (who were Dave Roy and Kirik Jenness) at the time) would not be able to sponsor me. I asked many professors at the University if they would help me out but they all refused. Desperately searching through the course catalog I discovered that the University actually had a Dance department. I had a feeling that someone there would be willing to sponsor me and to make a long story short the head of the department Billbob Brown decided to take me on. With him as my advisor I was able to train in many styles of dance usually only offered to dance majors including Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Tango, Salsa, Contact Improvisation and Composition. My time in college was unique to say the least. 

Yes I actually do have quite a bit of experience of choreography experience. With my background it may not surprise you that I specialize in creating pieces that are martial arts and dance hybrids. My first piece premiered at Hampshire college as part of the “Emerging Choreographer Series” in 2015. I have also choreographed in several of my own shows. My latest piece was based on Dante’s inferno. I played the role of Dante and my love had been stolen down to hell by Lucifer himself! In the piece I must journey down into hell and defeat the seven deadly sins one by one on a quest to get her back. What was really unique about this one was that each of the sins was played by a different style of mover. Pretty cool stuff!

When you live a life like I did. One that is completely immersed in martial arts, dance and fitness. You can’t help but to start to see them all as one. So many different ways to move the body but at the end of the day it’s all just moving the body. Think of how many different ways in which the body can move. Think of all the different sports there are, how many styles of dance yoga and martial arts there are. It’s dizzying to think about really, but at the end of the day it’s all done with the same tool…the human body. My show the MoveMeant is a celebration of this. It welcomes all different types of movers to come perform on the same stage on the same night. My shows have featured Ballet, Break Dancing, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira, Circus Performers, Acrobats, Boxers, Modern Dancers, Contemporary Dancers and much much more. I haven’t hosted a show in a while now but ideally my next one will be in the summer of 2023.

You could say in the first part of my life I was a Mixed Martial Arts coach and Personal Trainer. You could also say that the second part of my life started when I destroyed my hips! After years of hard training my hips had so many bone spurs covering my hip socket and femur that I could barely move my legs and I had destroyed most the cartilage in the joint. In order to reverse the damage my surgeon would have to go in and completely reshape the femur and hip socket so that I could over again. It was a really terrible time in my life but it inspired me to set out and complete my first online class. When you’re facing a life altering injury like the one I had there are so many un knowns. I think the biggest unknown was if I would ever be able to return to martial arts or any form of serious training again. This was a big deal for me. I had trained my whole life to develop my skills but as soon as I had that first surgery all of that skill and knowledge could possibly be locked away forever. I decided that with the few months I had before surgery I would film everything I knew about martial arts so that I would have some kind of record of it. With the little bit of juice I had left in my hips I was able to pull off recording everything I knew. The only problem? My camera work sucked! What was worst was that I didn’t check my footage until after the surgery so I was stuck with it. I would say that my journey in Digital Media began when I started learning about video editing to fix in an attempt to fix this footage.

Like I said above when I finished filming all of my moves I realized I had done a terrible job filming. The lighting was off the framing was off everything was off. Pretty stupid of me not to check before going under the knife I suppose but that’s how it goes. Desperate to make it work despite its short comings I set out to fix it using video editing. I didn’t know the first thing about video editing but I was determined to make this work. Everything turned around for me as soon as I found out how to use motion graphics and animations into my videos. I may not have had the best footage but I was able to make up for it by using extensive animations that added tremendously to the learning experience. Yes it was incredibly time consuming and there were times I almost broke down crying but! In the end I succeeded I had created my first fully animated online class.  

My first online class was called the “Art of Striking” and it was my first big digital media success. I had really gone through the fire on this one from gathering the footage to editing it and everything in between but after six months of careful editing and narrating the class was complete. “The Art of Striking” is a comprehensive course on how to hit with the human body. It has sold in 22 countries and is available for purchase on Udemy.

After I finished “The Art of Striking” I was pretty much in love with video editing and technology in general. Looking at my situation my prospects for being financially secure as a martial artist / personal trainer were slim to none. It was hard enough when my hips weren’t destroyed now it was just excruciating. I began looking into programs where I could learn more about technology and hopefully start a whole new career. I came across Harvard Extension schools Digital Media design program and began taking classes in the spring of 2020. 

I have completed Fundamentals of Website Development, Programming with Javascript, Introduction to Media Production, Producing Educational Video, WordPress for Developers, Introduction to Motion Graphics, User Experience Engineering, Advanced User Experience Engineering, Digital Media from Prototypes to Products and Techno-musicology.    

I would definitely describe my style of educational video as innovative and effective. One thing that really makes me shine as an educational video producer is my use of motion graphics to enhance the learning experience. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to my many works on mixed martial arts. When these motion graphics are added onto any style of movement it really takes the experience to a whole new level! Watch my videos on the martial arts and then compare them to anybody else doing instructional videos on the subject. Guarantee mine are better!

The dance edits I really quite enjoy making even though they are insanely time consuming. The goal is to add motion graphics in a such a way that high light motion and really capture and accentuate the movements that the dancers is performing. 

I sure can! Of all digital art forms I studied at Harvard UX design was definitely the one I found myself to be the most naturally talented at. I can attribute this to my background in martial arts. You see the highest goal of the martial artist is to know every way that your opponent will react to any thing that you throw at them. In this way the martial artist can think “steps” ahead of the opponent. In this way of thinking I have trained for over 25 years now. UX is very much the same line of thought in a lot of ways. It is the ability to think about every possible action that a user might take within your app. I have certainly noticed that my time in martial arts has greatly helped me think many steps ahead of my user and that I believe is what really separates me from other designers. 

As you may be able to tell from the website you are currently visiting, I am a big proponent of very “interactive” websites. What I mean by that is I create situations where the user must engage with the site in order to find what they are looking for. I believe that so many sites just throw up all of their content and once and in doing so make every thing difficult to find. What I tend to do is present a few eye catching things that the user can hover over or click on it order to reveal more information. 

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