The Image Accordion

     A relative of the accordion, the image accordion uses images instead of text to show side A. When the user interacts with the photo shown on side A they will be revealed side B. I think that it is a fantastic element and in my opinion it is the perfect harmony between function and aesthetics.

Graduate Degree Accordion

     I love this as a visual way of displaying the graduate degrees that I’ve attain through Harvard. I just think that having those images that are so bright and colorful against the signature black background of my site captures the users attention and make them drawn towards trying to have an interaction. 

Digital Story Telling
(Harvard University)

The digital story telling graduate certificate recognizes the students ability to effectively convey stories and messages through digital mediums. These mediums include video, audio, animation and more. Received for completing the class introduction to media production at Harvard University.

Front End Technologies
(Harvard University)

This certification represents the students ability to effectively use Javascript to create aesthetic and functional front end experiences. Earned by completing the class Programing with Javascript at Harvard University 

Visual Arts
(Harvard University)

The Visual Arts certification represents the students ability to create captivating art via motion graphics with After Effects. Earned by completing the course “Intro to Motion Graphics” at Harvard University.

Web Technologies
(Harvard University)

The Web Technologies represents the students ability to create websites with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Earned by completing “Fundamentals of Web Development”at Harvard Universtity.

Back End Technologies
(Harvard University)

The Back End Technologies certification represents the users ability to use back end data bases such as MySQL and PostgresSQL. Earned through completing the class WordPress for Developers.

Learning Technologies
(Harvard University)

The Learning Technologies Certification represents the students ability to create effective online educational experiences. Earned through completing the class “introduction to creating Educational Media” at Harvard University.

My Physical Skills
Against The White Background

     This is probably my favorite of all of my image accordion creations. Notice that each of these elements is a hand drawn element on a white background. What I particularly like about this one is that even though each of the topics represented here represent very different things, the aesthetics of the accordion has a uniting theme that makes them all appear as one.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt (4th Degree)

One of the things that I am most proud of is the fact that I have been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 25 years now. As a competitor I was a 2x NAGA New England Heavy Weight Champion and as a coach I lead Umass Amherst’s BJJ team for five years in a row. Not only has it helped my tremendously with my confidence and mental health but it has given me the edge when it comes to UX design. BJJ is an art that is primarily concerned with being steps ahead of your opponent and knowing what they are going to do next. This way of thinking is extremely valuable when thinking about what the user is going to do next at any given point in your app.

Tae Kwon Do Black Belt (2nd Degree)

The Martial Art that I stared with is the Korean Martial Art known as “Tae Kwon Do” which translates to “The Foot Fist Way” in English. Not only did I achieve the rank of 2nd degree black, but I also received my Instructor Certification fro the World Tae Kwon Do Federation for 200 hours of teaching.

Mixed Martial Arts Coach

I have been coaching the sport of mixed martial arts to both amateur and professional fighters for over ten years now. I even owned my owned mixed martial arts school for a while called “Knights MMA”. Being a mixed martial arts coach has helped me immensely as a teacher. When there is so much on the line physically for your students you can’t help but make your instructions, clear, concise and effective.

Founder of the MoveMeant

The MoveMeant is a passion project of mine that was inspired by my time being involved with Umass Amherst’s Dance Department. The MoveMeant is a mixed movement arts show that celebrates all the ways in which the human body can move. y show’s have featured every body fro Ninja Warrior Contestants, So You Think You Can Dance competitors, World Champion Jiu Jitsu Athletes, Ballerinas, Break Dancers, Modern Dancers, Circus Performers and much much more!

Personal Trainer

My career before digital media was as an online and in person personal trainer. My certification was through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and my specialties were gymnastic ring training and cardio kick boxing.

Image Accordion

     Here we have a representation of the vertical image accordion. We can think of the accordions above as horizontal image accordions because they open to the left or right. The image accordion that we can see below can be thought of as a vertical image accordion because they are going to open up or down. There are occasions to use either one. For Horizontal Image Accordions I believe that they are good for displaying about me style content as displayed above. Find that the vertical style accordion would probably work best for displaying the modules of a class. Below is an example of the vertical accordion to display the four seasons.

Image Accordion #1

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Image Accordion #2

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Image Accordion #3

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Image Accordion #4

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