The Image Hotspot

     In short the image hot spot is really cool. Essentially you scatter colored dots across an image. When the user hovers over these dots a text box appears describing what the dot has been placed on top of. I use one of these in the about section to describe all of the gadgets that I have placed across my desk.

Image Hot Spot
of the Tools on My Desk

The LF gaming chair...the only chair in.the world worth buying.

 After I hurt my hips in 2019 I went on the quest to find the perfect chair

so that I could pursue my digital design studies. I have spent literally thousands of dollars

on crap chairs and I nearly gave up my quest to find the perfect one. That is until I tried out this beauty.

Now I don't have any problem putting in as many hours as it takes to bring your vision to life! What a game changer!

The iHome, the worlds most criminally

underrated speaker I really don't

know why this speaker isn't more 

popular because it is f$$$ing 


The Razer Viper Ultralight Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse.

My weapon choice for crafting my master pieces. I will most likely 

never replace this mouse unless I switch to the wireless version

The Alienware 34 Inch Curved Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor. I have mixed feelings

about this monitor I like it but I don't love it. On the one hand it is amazing for timeline based 

projects like video editing, motion graphics or audio production on the other I'm not in love with the

ultra wide as a daily driver. My plan is to eventually replace this monitor with an apple pro monitor. Some day!

The Bose Companion Series III. The best 

desktop speakers for under $100.

A 16 inch Macbook Pro with 64gb of ram...the crown Jewel of my set up. 

I would marry this computer if  it weren't super weird and creepy thing to do.

The Blue Yeti USB microphone. A great (and popular) microphone

I use this primarily for doing the voice overs in my marital arts videos.

Fun fact about me is that I use two mice work when I work.

In addition to my Razer Viper I simultaneously use Apples Magic

Track Pad a device that is identical to the track pad on my Mac Book Pro. 

A bit hard to see behind the chair I know but my keyboard of choice

is the apple magic key board. I would highly recommend this too anybody

Novation Launch Key 49 USB Midi Controller. I especially 

like this midi controller because it has the full keyboard as well

as drum pad at the top of the device. A great controller for any DAWs.

32 inch AOC gaming monitor, one of the first items added to Deskcalibur. 

I Usually use this monitor when I doing audio production and I need 

to use my Midi controllers. 

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