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     Some people like to put text directly onto their still images or videos placed at the beginning of their sites….I am not one of them. Don’t me wrong there are certainly some occasions where it works but for me I like to leave my videos of still images un marked. The reason that people will often write upon their media at the begging of their site is to give some kind of “summary” or “slogan”to the website. I always try to incorporate these slogans into my own website but I do so in something that I call the intro banner. The intro banner is usually a strip of color at the bottom of the chosen intro media file that will provide a slogan that captures the site and then some kind of longer text explanation of what the site does. In my opinion this is a simple yet powerful element that could easily be over looked. The difficult thing about the intro banner is not creating the banner itself but in what you write inside the banner. What ever you write inside of this banner must capture the very essence of your site in just a couple of words. If you can do that then you will be priming your user for success. 

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┬áThis site is dedicated to guiding you towards whatever major will best help you reach your career goals. We’ve gathered tons of career data and interviews from Emmanuel Alumni on their experience at Emmanuel and how it has helped them in their professional life. Browse through the data and make the best decision for you. Press the button blow to learn more about the path ways project.

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