The Particle Generator

     The Particle generator is a really fun one. The particle generator creates series of interactive shapes and patterns on the website that create quite the “wow” effect. There are many different types of particles and there and many different ways that you could interact with these particles.

Standard Particles

     When you enter a particle playground you typically get the “standard” set of particles as seen below. There are really an almost infinite amount of ways that you could style these particles but it typically starts with this as the base.

Nasa Particles

     The Nasa particles are meant to simulate the feeling of space. This works particularly well against the black background like you see below. When it is against other colors besides black it can start to look less like stars and more like snow. That can be a good or a bad thing depending on what you’re looking for. 

Snow Particles

     I said above that the NASA particles can end up looking like snow particles, but if real snow is what you are looking for than you’re in luck! Snow can be generated as a particle and comes with user interactions. 

Nyan Cat

     Here is quite the odd one this is called Nyan Cat. I don’t necessarily know when I would use it but I thought it important to convey to you the fact that is exists. If you find a use for it then please let me know!