The Video Playlist

     For when the best way to convey the information you need to communicate is several different videos. The video playlist can be quite the useful page element. One particularly useful way to use this element is for when you have several short (1-2 minute) videos that you want to display. In todays world it would seem that shorter can often be better and the video playlist is an excellent way to keep these videos organized. I’ll provide some examples of video playlists that I have used for past projects below. 

Video Playlist
Of My Breakdowns

     Here’s an example of the video playlist in action. With this particular playlist I am showing off some of my best video breakdowns on Mixed Martial Arts. Notice how there are five videos within the playlist. To display all five of those videos would take a lot more room on the page and would create a lot more of what I call “chaos”. By containing all of these videos inside of a neat little playlist, they keep everything organized and present a sense of navigation to the user.

Emmanuel College
Alumni Playlist

     The Video Playlist worked wonderfully for displaying multiple interview as I did here with the Emmanuel Alumni Playlist. In this playlist potential Emmanuel Students can hear the testimonial of Alumni. 


3 Videos