Transforms change certain paramenters about an element where there is a specified interaction from the user. The Parameters that can change range from scale, rotation, scew and manymore! I’ll leave examples of these transforms below. 

Transform Rotation

     You can use the transform controls to rotate an element any where between 360 degrees and negative 360 degrees. Rotating the element 360 degrees will rotate it counter clock wise. Rotating the element 

Rotate -360

Rotate 360

Transform X

     We can adjust the X variable as a transform as well. Anything number that is listed as a – value will make the element move to the left and any positive number will make the element move to the right.

Transform X - 148

Transform X 148

Transform Y

     We can also transform the Y of an element as well. In this case -30 is going to make the element move up and 30 is going to make the element move down. The larger the number the more space the element will cover.

Transforms Y -30

Transforms Y 30

Transform Scale

     This is an extremely useful feature for adding amazing small details onto your site. An element can be made to be larger or smaller try hovering over the elements below for an example.



Transform X Skew

     Transforming the skew of an element gives it a kind of twisting movement. Adjusting the x skew is going to make the the element twist to the left or the right horizontally. Hover over the elements below to see them in action.

Scew -X

Scew X

Transform Y Scew

     Different from skewing the x skewing the y will make the element twist in a vertical fashion versus a horizontal one. Have some fun by hovering over the text below

Scew -Y

Scew Y

Flip X and Y

     The flip X and Y are used for completing flipping an element around. To flip X is going to flip the element across a horizontal plane and to flip Y is going to flip the element along a vertical plane.

Flip X

Flip Y