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Black Magic

What Problems
Are We Trying to Solve?

Problem #1

Make it easy

It is definitely too hard right now and not for the right reasons. One of the primary goals of Black Magic was just to make the whole process of building a website from start to finish much easier.

Problem #2

Lower the Barrier For Entry

I think the web could look a lot lot nicer if some of these amazing artists we are able to bring their talents to web dev. Black Magic would allow them to do that.

Who Are We Trying To Help?

Kevin Kim

Kevin Kim is 19 years old, super creative, loves video games, hates working at Stop and Shop and = doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. He would like to break into web development if possible but he really doesn't want to take out a college loan and isn't even sure where to begin when it comes to how to learn. You can click the button below to learn more about Kevin Kim.
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Richie Walker

Richie Walker at one point was one of the best Donkey Players in the entire world. Now he's the manager of a bowling alley and hates every second of it. He's a smart guy which leaves him quite frustrated with the fact that he works at a bowling alley. You can read more about his story in the persona write up down below.
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User Story

Kevin Kim User Story

Follow Kevin Kims User Story from first discovering his love of video games all the way up to his love of Black Magic.

Realizes that he doesn't like socializing that much

At some point in his life, Kevin came to the realization that he really doesn't like socializing with the other kids in his class that much. He is quite introverted and really prefers to spend time on his own rather than other people.Step 1

Discovers a love for video games

Since Kevin really doesn't enjoy socializing with others all that much video games were a natural fit. By playing video games he is able to escape into his own world where no one bothers him and he has a sense of control. Step 2

Video Games become some what of a problem

Kevin loves video games so much that is has started to become some what of a problem. His parents are worried about him and his grades are slipping. His doesn't have a whole lot of friends except for the friends that he has made playing video games.Step 3

Doesn't know what he wants to do with his life.

Kevin really doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. Sure he has a love of video games but that isn't going to set him up for the future. Since he doesn't know what he wants to do and his grades weren't very good in school he decides to not attend university.Step 4

Begins working at Stop and Shop

Not knowing what he is going to do with his life his parents are very concerned about him and force him to get a job. With no real skills to speak of the only job he is able to find is at his local stop and shop.Step 5

Realizes that he hates working at Stop and Shop

At some point Kevin realizes that he hates working at Stop and Shop. The work is difficult, he has social anxiety and he knows that it isn't a career path that is going any where. Step 6

Begins to look for a new career / Interested in Web Development

At some point Kevin's hatred for working at Stop and Shop becomes so strong that he starts looking for a different career path. He considers web development because it would allow him to work from home and not have to be around people so much.Step 7

Researches how to become a web developer / becomes discouraged

Kevin does some research into just what it will take in order for him to be come a web developer and he's pretty discouraged by what he finds. In order to have a career in the field he's going to learn several programming languages or dive deep into a CMS like wordpress. A task which currently seems in surmountable to young kevin.Step 8

Comes Across Black Magic

At some point in his search for how to be a web developer he comes across Black Magic. He looks deeper and is extremely excited by what he sees! He learns all about how Black Magic integrates aspects of his favorite video games into the design. He can't wait to try it!Step 9

Rice Walker User Story

Follow Kevin Kims User Story from first discovering his love of video games all the way up to his love of Black Magic.

Grows up in the Golden Age of Arcade Gaming

Richie is a child of the 80s and grew up in the golden age of arcade gaming. He loves nothing more than going to the local arcade and spending all day their playing games. All of his friends are there and it is his happy place.Step 1

Sets world record on Donkey Kong

After spending hours of training on the game "Donkey Kong" Richie ends up setting a world record. It gained him mass respect from the gaming community and is one of the crowning achievements of his life.Step 2

Video Games become some what of a problem

At 17 years old Richie meets his girl friend Tammy and they fall head over heels in love with each other.Step 3

Tammy gets pregnant when they are both 18

Tammy and Richie get pregnant (unintentionally) and it limits their options for life. Neither of them comes from much money so instead of going to University each of them must start working right after High School.Step 4

Richie begins working with limited options

Richie starts working right after high school, although because he doesn't have a college degree his options are some what limited. He does various jobs from pumping gas, to working at a grocery store and many things in between. Step 5

20 years go by currently working at a bowling alley

At first Richie didn't mind working the jobs that he was working but as time has gone on he is really started to get depressed with his situation. After jumping from job he landed a job as a manager at a bowling alley. He is grateful to be able to work but he is sick of these dead end jobs that don't seem to lead him to a stable career.Step 6

Begins to look for careers in web development

Wanting to improve his life and his family's financial situation Richie begins looking into careers in web development. He believes with his past experience and world recorder setting gamer, it could potentially be a good option for him.Step 7

Discouraged by what he sees

Much to his dismay Richie recognizes that it is going to take an extraordinary amount of effort in order to become a web developer. It's going to take a lot of time that he just doesn't have because he has to work and take care of his child. Step 8

Comes across Black Magic

Some where in his search Richie comes across Black Magic and is delighted by what he sees! It looks and feels just like many of the video games that he used to play as a child!

Project Components

The Glow

The Glow is a way to hopefully increase the users ability to pay attention and engage with Black Magic. When a user hovers, or drag and drops and widget into Black Magic they will active some kind of glow or special effect.

The Item Shop

By using Black Magic the user acquires points. These points can be spent at the item shop. At the item shop users can buy new skins for their Wizzy. These skins are a reflection of the users proficiency in Black Magic.


Wizzy is a helpful wizard that teaches users everything that they need to know about Black Magic. By right clicking on any element inside of Black Magic users will be able to summon Wizzy for aid and instruction.

The Quest Board

The Quest board is where customers can post requests for web sites to be built. Users of Black Magic can sign up for these quests and be paid real money.

First Wireframe

What Did We
Learn From User Testing?

After doing some user testing with a fellow student of mine, she informed me that people with ADHD often also have dyslexia. She raised concerns that the font style might be very difficult for dyslexic people to read.
Text, Image and Video Were the Three Highest Priorities

 Parents are extra cautious these days about what major their child selects for college and rightfully so, especially if they are paying for it. These parents want the best for child and they need resource where they can research career outcomes for what their child is studying. 

How Can We Improve?

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How Do We Make
it Look Beautiful?

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Product In Action