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Knights MMA

What Problems
Are We Trying to Solve?

Problem #1

The Worlds First

I have all the skills necessary in order to make the worlds first and best online dojo. So I will.

Problem #2

Interactive Website

Knights will show there are so many amazing interactive modules that a website could introduce to the martial arts world.

Who Are We Trying To Help?

Corey Anderson

 Corey Anderson is a personal trainer living in North Andover, Massachusetts. He works as a personal trainer at a local gym and wishes that he could learn the martial arts to benefit his own life and be able to teach a quality product to his clients. He often feels isolated and depressed and very much wishes he could find a community of like minded people that he could learn and grow with.
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Theron Donovan

Theron Donovan is a friend of mine who recently moved to Bangor Maine. He loves it up there (and one day I hope to move there as well), but there is one problem. He doesn't have access to a good martial arts school! You can read more about him in the write up below.
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User Story

Corey Anderson User Story

Follow Corey’s User Journey from joining the wrestling team as a kid, to missing team sports, to finally joining Knights MMA.

Corey Starts Working Out

Being smaller than his classmates, Corey decides to start working out around age 13 years old. He falls in love with and the idea that he can develop himself physically.Step 1

Joins the Wrestling Team

Inspired by his passion for working out and determined to continue developing himself physically, Corey joins the wrestling team and does very well. Step 2

Graduates High School No More Wrestling

Upon Graduation, Corey realizes that his time in his beloved sport of wrestling has come to an end. Not only did he lose the sport that he loves but he has also lost the direction and the brother hood that it gave him. This is something that he comes to sorely miss. Step 3

Hears horror stories about student loans

Stephen's research has revealed to him that student loans can completely cripple your financial future if approached in the wrong way.Step 4

Feelings of Isolation and Depression Start to Set In

Corey decides to live at home and Commute to school instead of living at a University. This is tough for Corey because he sees all of his friends leave for college and have a great time while he is at home feeling alone.Step 5

Tries a Local Martial Arts School But Decides that it Isn't For Him

Interested in the UFC Corey tries several martial arts schools in the area but is disappointed to find that the schools are mostly catered to children and he feels out of place at the establishments. Step 6

Continues Working Out, Begins Career as a personal Trainer

Corey Continues with his rigorous exercise program (even though it doesn't quite fill the void of wrestling) and begins his career as a personal trainer.Step 7

Begins Getting Asked About Cardio Kick Boxing by His Clients.

After working at his local gym for a few months clients steadily began asking him if he offers instruction in cardio kick boxing. Corey doesn't really know any thing about kick boxing so he decides to look online for a resource with which he can learn. Step 8

Looks for online Kick Boxing Resources, Finds Knights MMA

After spending some time searching for the best possible resource in which to learn Kick Boxing. Corey comes across the website for Knights MMA and is delighted by what he finds. Not only is it a tremendous resource for learning the martial arts but it provides a community that he has desperately missed since his days as a high school wrestler.Step 9

Theron Donovan User Journey

Follow Corey’s User Journey from joining the wrestling team as a kid, to missing team sports, to finally joining Knights MMA.

Sees the UFC in High School.

When he was in high school Theron first saw the UFC on television. He was absolutely fascinated by it. After watching a couple paper views Theron decided to join a local school near his home town of North AndoveStep 1

Joins the Wrestling Team

Therons interest in the UFC leads him to try wrestling for the first time in High School. He enjoys it and wrestles for two years. Step 2

Graduates High School No More Wrestling

Theron attends the University of Massachusetts Lowell upon graduating from High School. Due to the rigorous demands of his course work he is only rarely able to practice the martial arts. Any practice he can get in is mostly just in his free time wrestling around with his buddies.Step 3

Attends Nursing School Stops Martial Arts Practice

Upon Graduating from Umass Lowell Theron decides to pursue his Masters in Nursing. Due to the Rigorous course work he is unable to attend any kind of martial arts practice and stops until after graduation.Step 4

Gets First Nursing Job, Moves to Maine.

Upon completing Nursing School, Theron secures his fist full time position at a hospital up in Bangor Maine. He puts down a down payment a house, packs up his stuff and then travels north to his new home in Maine. Step 5

Creates Stability

After a few years of Hard Work Theron establishes his career, becomes financially stable, gets married and starts his young family.Step 6

Wants to return to the Martial Arts

With Theron's life achieving stability he suddenly has a yearning to return to the hobby of martial arts that he so loved at one point. It's a urge that is so powerful he decides to try out a local martial arts school.Step 7

Doesn't Like School He Tries, Realizes There Aren't Any Other Options.

After trying out a local school, Theron decides that he really doesn't like the instructors teaching style and decides that the school really isn't for him. This leaves him with the realization that he doesn't really have any other options for learning martial arts and he is afraid to give it up.Step 8

Hears About the Online Dojo Knights MMA.

Either by seeing an ad on social media or by doing a google search, Theron comes across the worlds best online Dojo Knights MMA. He is very curious about what it has to offer and he decides to check it out.

Project Components

Users will be able to create their own profile in which they can't write information about themselves, display their belt ranking and post on any topics that might be interesting to them.

First Wireframe

What Did We
Learn From User Testing?

I’m not surprised that it was the most popular, but I was very surprised by how much more popular it was. It was so popular in fact that I think this is going to be the only class that I do offer through Knights especially right at the beginning.
The Hot Spot Seems to be a Very Popular Interactive Learning Module

 Parents are extra cautious these days about what major their child selects for college and rightfully so, especially if they are paying for it. These parents want the best for child and they need resource where they can research career outcomes for what their child is studying. 

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