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Silver Screen

What Problems
Are We Trying to Solve?

Problem #1

Lower The Bar

The goal was to lower the entry point between Joe and Technology enough so that he could enjoy it!

Problem #2

Simplify Streaming

Joe is stuck watching cable television all day! If your gonna watch TV lets at least get you streaming!

Who Are We Trying To Help?

Joe Volpe

Joe Volpe is my grand father but it very important that I only call him Joe. He is 88 years old, retired and is really struggling with modern technology. He's never owned a cell phone or computer...hell he's never even owned a bank card! Read the in depth persona write up on Joe by clicking the button below.
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Thomas Kincaid

Hey there! I am the second Persona of the Silver Screen Project my name is Thomas Kincaid! My poor grandfather Joe was watching cable TV all day and I couldn't help but notice that he was bored to death of it! Joe absolutely loved movies and I wanted to give him a way to watch whatever movie he wanted, whenever he wanted.
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User Story

Joe Volpe User Story

Follow Joe’s user story from being born in the 30’s to being rejected from the Vietnam draft, to having children while working in construction and finally to being the test subject for Silver Screen

Joe is Born in 1933

Joseph Volpe was born in 1933 in Boston Massachusetts. His parents are Italian Immigrants, and they live in the North End of Boston.Step 1

Joe Graduates From High School

Joe attends school from kindergarten to 12th grade in the Massachusetts Public School System, Joe finishes high school in 1951.Step 2

Joe Doesn't Go to College.

Two factors play into Joe's decision to not attend University. One is that it was a less common thing to do back in those days and two Joe's family simply didn't have the money for it.Step 3

Joe Gets Rejected From the Draft

In an extremely fortunate twist of fate, Joe is rejected from the Vietnam draft due to his severe asthma.Step 4

Joe Begins Working in Construction

Joe joins his father working in construction his a crane operator for local four. A job he would eventually do for 40 years. Step 5

Joe Gets Married and Has Kids

Joe gets married to Sophia Volpe in the early 50s and they have three daughters. It is also during this time that Joe purchases his home in Revere Massachusetts. A place he would live in for more than 50 years.Step 6

Not a lot of money for Tech

When you have 3 daughters a wife and a mortgage buying the latest in technology isn't exactly a priority so Joe never bought it. Step 7

Joe Feels Left Out

After years of not buying a phone or computer, Joe feels like he doesn't even know where to start. He feels like there is no barrier for entry in which he can even begin to start using this stuff. Step 8

Joe Becomes Isolated and watches Cable TV

With no way to watch movies or play music and no way to connect with others on the internet Joe ends up watching cable television for most of the day and he is sick to death of it. Step 9

Thomas Kincaid User Story

Follow Joe’s user story from being born in the 30’s to being rejected from the Vietnam draft, to having children while working in construction and finally to being the test subject for Silver Screen

Born in 1993

I was born in 1993, 60 years after Joe was born and the same year that the UFC started.Step 1

Immersed in Technology

One of the biggest differences about the ways that me and Joe grew up is that I was immersed in technology almost straight out of the womb.Step 2

Joe Doesn't Go to College.

As a kids I would sit in front of my TV and play video games for hours. Something that Joe never once did in his life. Step 3

Gets a Flip Phone

I got my first flip phone in sixth grade because my parents were afraid of losing me. By the time I was 12 I had access to what could be considered an essential piece of technology that Joe never had once in his life. Step 4

Gets First Computer

When I was in seventh grade my parents got me my first computer. Something that Joe has never once had in his life.Step 5

Joins Social Media

I got my first Facebook account when I was a freshman in high school and have been on various social media platforms ever since. An experience that Joe has never had once in his life. Step 6

Gets First Smart Phone / Laptop

When I was in tenth grade I got my hands on an iphone and a mac book air. Two pieces of technology that I am using the latest version of today. Joe has never use either of these once in his life. Step 7

Grad School at Harvard

My love of technology and the freedom that it gives us eventually led me to getting my master in Digital Design at Harvard. To put it bluntly I learned things about technology that would blow Joe's mind.Step 8

Tries to Help Joe

During my Advanced UX class at Harvard, we had an opportunity to create an app using the assisted computing paradigm. I immediately thought of Joe and how this could help him.

Project Components

Assisted Computing

Assisted computing is a design paradigm similar to assisted living. A younger user or "assistor" is on the other end of the app and can assist the elder with all of their computing needs. Should the elder need help with the app then they contact their assistant for help.

Music Streaming

If you don't know how to stream movies than odds are you don't know how to stream music! I know that my grandfather Joe absolutely loved music and unfortunately he didn't know how to play the music that he wanted to hear. Thus one of the major design components of this project was going to be the ability to play music. Let's make it so Joe can finally hear that Frank Sinatra album he's been dying to listen too!

Movie Streaming

Many seniors do not have the ability to watch what they want when ever they want. This is something that many of us simply take for granted and never think twice about. A very useful component to Joe and any other elder using this app is going to be an ultra simplified music streaming device. Dave's father Ben hasn't been able to watch his favorite musical the Music Man in over 20 years and he's sick of it!

Ultra Simplified UX/UI

In order for this project to be a success, we are going to need an ULTRA simplified interface and user experience. We are going to need to strip away everything that these elder users don't need to that they can finally get to stuff they've never been able to use.

First Wireframe

What Did We
Learn From User Testing?

The text size that Joe felt comfortable reading at was a whooping 128. Much larger than I had anticipated, a future redesign would have to accommodate for this
The Key Board Is In No Particular Order to Joe.

 Parents are extra cautious these days about what major their child selects for college and rightfully so, especially if they are paying for it. These parents want the best for child and they need resource where they can research career outcomes for what their child is studying. 

How Can We Improve?

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How Do We Make
it Look Beautiful?

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Product In Action